Run Playit in the background 24/7 on Linux

Tested on Debian 11

  1. Create the folder playit inside /opt
    mkdir /opt/playit

  2. Download the latest version of playit to /opt/playit

cd /opt/playit
  1. Rename your playit download to just playit and make it executable
mv playit-linux_64-0.4.6 playit
chmod +x playit
  1. Perform your normal first run routine and set playit up as you normally would. Once playit is configured and you’ve tested it works exit it.

  2. Create the systemd unit file
    nano /etc/systemd/system/playit.service

Paste the following:

[Unit] Agent



Press Ctrl + W then Enter to save and Ctrl + X to exit

  1. Run the following commands to start playit and enable it
systemctl start playit
systemctl enable playit
  1. Optional Grab your claim link if required by running the following:
systemctl status playit

You should be able to copy out the claim link for use from there.


I just set up a scripts directory and put a bash script in there.

mkdir scripts

then write the bash script

chmod +x playit-armv7-0.4.6

make the bash script executable

chmod +x

When I want to run the tunnel in the background I just run


To exit the screen and let it run in the background…

ctrl a+d

to view your screens

screen -list

to attach to a screen

screen -r screen #
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The benefit of systemd is this runs on boot as soon as your machine is connected to the internet, and will automatically start again if it crashes.