Private beta is starting!

The private beta for playit 2.0 is starting! The new version of playit adds new features and uses a new protocol. No more “BrokenPipe” errors.

How to get an invite

If you’re interested in a Dedicated IP or Dedicated Tunnel please send an email to [email protected] If you’re interested in random ports, share some details here

What is a Dedicated IP?

You’ll have full control over the entire IP 147.185.221.X. That means you’ll be able to map any port to your computer either using TCP, UDP, or both. So if you want port 19132 and 25565 for Minecraft, and/or port 7777 for Terraria you can. Or if you want to host a Rust or ARK server (or any other game server), you can.

Dedicated Tunnel Options

Minecraft Java & Bedrock

  • TCP: 25565
  • UDP: 19132


  • TCP: 7777

Reach out for other games

About the private beta

The private beta period will have some rough edges. Things will go offline.


Do you need Discord?

Discord is not required for the new version of playit, however it is usually the easiest place to reach me and get playit updates.

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‘Random static ports’ means how playit works now? Like when you are creating a server, it gives you an address and this address is same every time you start playit.

That is correct, eventually all of playit will be moved over to the new system.