How to use Simple Voice Chat for Minecraft with

This guide shows you how to use Simple Voice chat with

Part One.
Go to playit - making it easy to play games with friends.
Create a new custom UDP tunnel with the add tunnel button:

It should look something like this:

Edit the tunnel and change the port number, the number after, to the auto-generated port number at the end of your new tunnel, in this case, “59931”.

This UDP tunnel is only for voice chat. When you join a server with your local IP address or TCP Playit tunnel, Simple Voice Chat will tell your client mod to connect the voice chat over a separate UDP tunnel that you enter in voice_host in Part Two you are going to be using two separate tunnels at once.

Part Two
Install Simple Voice Chat on your server. You can download it from the curse forge website: Simple voice chat.
If you are using the spigot version put the file in your plugins folder, if using Forge/Fabric put the file in your mods folder. You will also need the ProtocolLib plugin to use the spigot version.
Restart your Minecraft server.
Find and open “”. It will be in the voicechat folder in your plugins/mods folder.
Change the port value to the port number at the end of your new UDP Playit tunnel. In this case “port=59931”.
Change the ‘‘voice_host’’ value to your UDP tunnel address, in this case “”
Restart your Minecraft server.
Install the clientside Simple Voice Chat mod in your Minecraft mods folder and join your server.
Press “V” for settings and to check the connection is working.


This is awesome! Thanks for posting. I haven’t tried Simple Voice Chat in Minecraft yet but I think should give it a try this weekend.


This technique has me thinking that it might be possible to host all sorts of game servers by updating the port in the settings to match the port that playit assigns. Worth investigating.

WHAT A TIMING.u guys saved me. i litteraly just installed this voice chat mod a week ago and i couldnt solve the problem on how to port forward the voice host. whoever did this FIX I LITTERALY LOVE YOU!!!

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Wow, awesome. I haven’t heard about that. I’ll definitely try that.

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It says nothing still just says unavailable if you want to help DC is Lunyl#8773

@Rusty What would we put in the local port and the to port?

local port doesnt matter (leave to-port empty, local port can be any number), since it will be changed after tunnel is created (see guide) @user148

Thanks greatly appreciated

Did this, and so far it’s still not working. The only change it did was preventing me to also use voice chat while connecting through local host. Perhaps anyone can get back to me on discord? Modpack Slave#1409

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I love you so much, internet people. Thanks

It’s doesn’t work if someone can help please remind me on discord : miaucz#7151

Does anyone know how to do it currently since the windows are already different and it won’t let me change the local port

I figured out how to make it work. Instead of changing “voice_host” to the UDP tunnel address, change it to your shared IP instead:

In this case “”
After this the voice chat should just work (if you followed the other steps in the tutorial).
(The port number no longer needs to be changed in playit as it is automatically set to the same address in both locations. However, you still need to put the address into the “” file.)