(Fun question) What game(s) you do use playit.gg for?

Hello there! New forum user, old user of playit.gg. I wanted to make like a fun forum post on what game(s) you use playit. I guess I could go first.

I use Playit.gg so me and my friends can play together on my Team Fortress 2 server. It’s mainly for Mann Vs Machine gamemode. I’ve been using playit 6 months ago, still use it, still love it.


Minecraft. That’s literally it. lol


I’ve been thinking of making another server for Minecraft, but then I would have to figure out how to do everything again, lol. Been a real long while since I last messed with Minecraft servers.

Mainly Minecraft so I can play with my little friend group. But lots and lots of other games for testing.


I use playit for Minecraft because I’m too lazy to… you know. port forward a lot.

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Mind crab with Patrick <3


Mein kam*f :flushed: lol. 20 characters ok

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Just Minecraft. lmao


Yeah, Minecraft is king. There were a ton of Terraria users on Playit when they came out with the final update. Seems like that might have died down.

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I’ve been using it as a ssh tunnel and virtualizor tunnel when I set up my servers to get it delivered to colocation.

Can you do FiveM from GTA5?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I also use it as a ssh tunnel and sometimes use it to proxy HTTP servers so I can open up localhost to the internet.

It might be possible with the current version of playit.gg though I haven’t tried it myself. It would definately be possible with the version that’s in private beta right now. More details: Private beta is starting!

I’m setting up a Minecraft server for me and my friends to play on and we don’t want to pay our life savings on renting a server.

I use it for multiple games, minecraft java, bedrock, subnautica, for a while I even used it for dynmap…

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I use it to provide access to some of my locally hosted services like Gitea as well as Minecraft and a Killing Floor 2 server. Works great!

Just Minecraft (sometimes with modpacks).

Minecraft, both Java and Bedrock, but primarily Java.

Minecraft (primarily Java edition, but I use it also for Bedrock using Geyser)

Minecraft and Novetus, why not?