Custom FREE domain for your server (freenom)

Hello guys in todays tutorial im going to show you how to get free domain for your server with freenom.
Today I will be using minecraft server but you can use any server you want. (I only tested mc)
Idk if I can post this I will take it down if Patrick wants me to.
Let’s begin.

Step 1.: picking a domain.


Use freenom at your own risk, keeping in mind that your domain can be deleted by any time and is not actually owned by you! But I think you are going to be fine with your little gameserver. But I can’t guarantee
I recommend you actually buying a domain from a trustworthy site. You can read more information about this in the following article by IMS-Network : (all credits to him)

Step 2. : getting the domain.
if you click “get it now” nothing will happen. Write the domain you want into the search bar with the top-level domain (e.g. “”) and then you can reedem it.

so click on checkout
in here you can select how long you want your domain, I’ll select the maximum 12 months free option.

hit continue and sing up with your email or socials (verify your email …)
After verification you will be asked for some information. I suggest you use a fake person generator. (Or dont use fake person generator idc) (maybe if u use it you can get your domain deleted for more information read alanjshea’s comment)

  • Note: You must use a fake person generator from your country or domain registration will not work!!! (Issue reported by user NeoSkull53 ) *

Step 3. : setting up cloudflare.
at services → my domains ,hit “mange domain”

Now open a new tab and go to cloudflare. Sign up. Verify email.
It’ll ask you for your domain you just “bought” so type that in.

Select the free plan. (or if you want to pay select the one you want idc)
It’ll scan something you can just hit continue until “nameservers” (we will configure later on)
Now its time to change your nameservers. Copy the nameservers
go back to freenom and click management… → nameservers

And paste them in. Hit change.
go back to cloudflare, click done
finish later
Note: “Registrars can take 24 hours to process nameserver updates. You will receive an email when your site is active on Cloudflare.”
Finally, manage your dns. Add record.

for type select A
for name write join (it can be anything that you can remember or smthg)
For ipv4: go to playit → settings → show ips instead of domains
then go to tunnels and copy the ip of your server and paste it in (PORT NOT NEEDED (yet) )
proxy status: DNS only
hit save

Last step
Add another record.
Type: SRV
name: the ip you want your players to connect to. If you type “@” it’ll be the same like or if you type play it’ll be
Service: _minecraft (!!) (for mc ofc)
Protocol: tcp (for mc)
ttl: auto
Priority: 0
weight: 0
Port: the port (in my case 37390)

If you did it right you should be able to connect to your server through .

If you need help fast you can contact me:
Discord: Zsoltivagyokcs#0012

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All i can say is


I have not tried it yet but i will later. thanks!

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Is freenom safe though?

People on reddit say that they have been using it for years and they’re fine. (but people say that they can delete your domain??)
(Or if your “website” has a lot of visitors they redirect it to some scam website which is I don’t know if they can since you use cloudflares nameservers not theirs. And you don’t even run a website just a game server)

So I think the best you can do when registering is to use a “fake person generator” and a temporary email and a very different password from your other passwords. Using cloudflares nameservers should be fine but lmk if I’m worng.

I was able to get it working! Can you use this for UDP connections?

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However, When I join i can play, but once i disconnect, i have to restart playit to be able to connect again

Yes, Iguess. I havent tried it but I will.

Weird issue
I will look into that.

Tried it, I can’t represent the same issue, but you can try settting the TTL in cloudflare dns management to 1 min (the lowest possible)

hi i used my previously owned cloudflare domain that already has my website and added records for the subdomain, the mcstatus website says that my mc server is working, but when i tried connecting to my mc server through my mc client it shows an error: Unknwon Host. thank you for the guide btw :slight_smile:

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I don’t have that issue but I’ll look into it.

I think (maybe) there is something with your dns, if you are on windows try going into cmd and type “ipconfig /flushdns” or try changing your dns server to cloudflare’s (
or just wait for some time.
Hope I could help, bye

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How would i do it for minecraft bedrock

I will try bedrock when I get home since then you can try these settings for cloudflare:
SRV record
Name: @
Service: _minecraft
Protocol: UDP
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: your playit server's port
Target: (or whatever you set)
TTL: 1min/auto (you can try both)


You know for $6 a year you can get a real nice domain of your choice or for $10 per month you could get a static ip and rought everything through a domain you get for like $5 from a domain site right? it would support playit too!

I appear to be having an issue where any IP I search to see if it is available, is not available, and I am looking for ones like ‘Fishbowlsmp’ and things like that, are there just not very common that I think would be available. I can’t even find one that is available. Is anyone else facing this problem?

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As I said in the tutorial you have to search the name and you have to put the top level domain after too. So for example in your case put “fishbowlsmp**.tk**” into the search bar.
Like this:

Okay so I did that, and I put all my information in and I am getting this response.

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Did you put all your real information or some fake one (as suggested by the guide)?
I had that problem too, it seems that my fake info could not be verified and that’s why it gave me an error. Perhaps it’s only necessary that the country in which you live matches with the info you placed (I placed the USA as my country, though I don’t actually live there rn). Correcting the info should fix this, after you correct it you should be able to pick a domain if you try again.
Hope this helps!

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Never Use Freenom

Read My blog for more information about this


Does this still work?