Custom FREE domain for your server (freenom)

I think so. It should work

Using a “fake person generator” is bad advice for registering a domain name, even a free one. This is likely the number one reason for Freenom canceling domains for “fraud”: it is fraud to misrepresent who you are, and it is against the terms of service that you agree to when you sign up.

I have used Freenom for more than 5 years for .com, .org and .ml domains. I chose to pay for the .ml domain to ensure that I have some legal right to it.

I have also used free domains for testing new services and servers for a limited amount of time, and for that, Freenom is ideal.

The only risk is that they do not have good support for domains that fail to renew (paid) before it expires. Keep a balance on hand and all is fine.

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Thanks for the advice.

Yo i have done exactly what u showed but it just says unknown host

Meta sued Freenom as they are a campsite for scammers because they had easy free domains that can be used for scammers, this is why domain registrations are down.
(If you “bought” a domain before the sue, it should work.)
Here are some free alternatives.

im using my own domain and it either says unknown host or connection reset

well then idk
it worked for me