Currently having issues connecting to my server with playit. ("Internal Exception: Connection reset")

Hello, my server recently developed an issue that prevents all (non-local) users from connecting. Seems to be an issue with playit, does anyone know what might be causing this?

(Willing to provide any useful info to help problem-solve)
(The error message: “Internal Exception: Connection reset”)


I have same problem, too.
Non-local user always have this error after several minutes.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Yes, I also have this issue. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Still need help with this issue… any help is appreciated.

This could be several different things. If you’re connecting to WIFI I recommend moving to Ethernet if possible. Also lowering view distance will lower the load on your home internet which will also help.

It also could be a routing issue. You can visit to see what datacenter you’re being routed to.

The Server-Pc we are currently using is, and has always been connected via Ethernet…

Render distance is also the same as always (12), never changed.

And as for the data-center, playit automatically connects me to Sidney, as my server is based in New-Zealand.

Do you have any more tips? What does the error code mean?

Also, unrelated too this issue, how do I change my username on the playit forum?

Depending on your ISP and how they connect to our ISPs, there’s a chance the connection gets congested. The internet is a big web of complex connections.

I’d recommend lowering your view distance to at least 10. If you’re still having issues lower it further.

Here’s a guide :slight_smile: How to change your profile name