Updating DNS doesn't fix "Unknown host"

So I’m hosting a minecraft server for my friends and I, and just this morning, the playit.gg app on my server stopped working, giving me errors about being unable to connect to “control.playit.gg” and so when I looked up a fix, it said to update the DNS. I did so, and while the agent now connects, whenever I attempt to join it gives me “Unknown host,” and every tutorial to fix it says to update DNS.

Also, the night before we had been suddenly experiencing some lag we hadn’t before. Just now I logged onto the server directly, as its on the same internet as the PC I use, and it put me back to where I was before we started lagging so much, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, or what.
I have also tried deleting the playit.toml file.

I’ve been having problems connecting too, at about the same time as you. I saw connections reaching in on the playit dashboard but outside couldn’t reach the local server. It has been on and off. I’m leaving it as it is for now.

Seems to be working now, just got into my server via playit IP.
Might’ve had something to do with 1.20 releasing, but I don’t know