Unturned Server

I am trying to run two unturned servers but cant figure out how to change the selected tunnel in the playit program that you download. Anyone know how?

Are you running these two servers on the same computer?

Yes, same server and account.

Computer* not server

Cool, then you should just be able to create two tunnels on playit and run two unturned servers. Each unturned server should be configured to use the port number playit assigns you. Basically just follow this tutorial and do it twice, [updated] Create a public Unturned server at home that friends can join - YouTube

I did this, but my issue is that when I have the two addresses in the playit program it has my first one selected and I’m not sure how to change it.

I don’t really understand. You should have two addresses when you have two servers. What are you trying to change? Maybe provide screenshots to help in your description.