[Suggestion] Per-agent tunnels?

Hello, I would like to suggest a new feature, Could tunnels be per-agent, Like if you have 2 computers, You authorize playit.gg on both, You want to tunnel a website on one of them (I know it is possible with playit.gg) And with the other you want to tunnel a minecraft server, But you want to use the same port for both, Like for example, The website has the port 25565 and the minecraft server too, So it would interfere, And it would not work, But what if we just have them both separated, What i mean the user could select a agent when clicking the tunnels tab, And they would select the agent they would like to use, And then they could add tunnels to that specific agent, And the same for any other agent authorized with the user’s account.

Thank you,
Andrei Balan