Some ISPs are blocking

It looks like there’s a few ISPs still blocking one of our domains: “”. This can cause the playit program not to work. If you’re running into this issue updating your DNS should resolve it: How to change your DNS server | - support pages

If you’re a customer of Vodafone, VirginMedia or BT, reaching out to your ISP to complain would be really helpful :slight_smile:. I’ve reached out to them and they haven’t responded…

i could ask vodafone since its one provider is use

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That would be awesome! :heart:

Dosent seem like vodafone is blocking it at least i can access it fine not sure if it worth contacting anyway to check?

Oh that’s good to know. Are you using the default DNS provider from Vodafone?

just relised i wasnt but its the same when i am which is nice

maybe its because im using mobile internet from vodafone?