Setup a Space Engineers Server with

Before you start, get a server running locally and make sure you can join it with

Create one tunnel like this :

Tunnel Type: Custom

Local ipv4:
Local Port: <Leave blank>

Port Type: Both
Port Count: 1
Create Tunnel

then you need to change your Space Engineers Server Port to the external port of your tunnel.

The external Port of a Playit tunnel is the 5 digit number behind the domain
for example
the Port would be 12345

you can change the local Port in the Ui (change it to your external tunnel port)

or in the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg with the name </ServerPort>

then you can add your server to your steam favourites, and join from the in-game favourites list

! Connecting can sometimes need multiple attempts, also make sure you set the ping in your filter to max (Playit servers will show with 300+ ping in serverlist sometimes, but once you connect ping is low)

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I’m having issues with the remote client when using this, is there a workaround?

NVM, I’m dumb will leave this here to say you need to run the server manager in admin mode for the client to work.