Server only shows as IP address in friend's steam account

Hi there! Loving and it normally works a charm. However, recently my sister and I have been unable to get her connected to our server. I can join no problem (I’m hosting), and our friend can also join without issue (we normally just have to refresh a couple of times).
My sister’s Steam Servers list shows the correct IP for the Tunnel - but that’s half the problem. For the rest of us, it shows the server’s name, not the IP.
Are we missing a trick somewhere? We’ve checked Windows Defender settings but with no luck. Nothing seems to be blocking it and she’s been able to connect in the past no problem. It’s just started proving difficult recently.

Hey @user463,

Which game is it? There may be a configuration option for the server that allows you to manually set the IP it sends off to Steam.

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The game is Unturned! If I’ve missed a config step after all this I’ll be both relieved and also mad haha

We’ve had it working previously and it works perfectly for another of my friends. We’ve checked her firewall and mine with no results. Appreciate your reply!