‼️ Random Domains are being updated ‼️

:bangbang: Random Domains are being updated :bangbang:

We’re moving all random domains from .playit.gg to .ply.gg. You may have noticed this already on the website when viewing your tunnels.

The change

.at.playit.gg => .at.ply.gg
.craft.playit.gg => .craft.ply.gg
.ip.playit.gg => .ip.ply.gg
.ip4.playit.gg => .ip4.ply.gg
.ip6.playit.gg => .ip6.ply.gg
.d6.playit.gg => .d6.ply.gg

On December 1st random domains ending with .playit.gg will stop working.

Custom domains are not changing and will continue to end with .playit.gg.

Why is this happening?

We’ve grown quite a bit. We now have over 78,000 users! With that there’s always a few bad eggs. Some people are using TCP tunnels to host bad files. Because we assign tunnels a domain that ends with .playit.gg our entire website is getting flagged as malicious. When bad content is reported to us we verify and remove the user’s tunnel but the flags take time to go away and the damage has been done.

More domains endings coming soon

In the coming weeks I’ll be announcing more domain names alternatives to .ply.gg that will also work.