on mobile

Hi i want to ask can i somehow run on mobile cuz i have octoprint (octo4a) (software for 3d printing) and i want to acces it on any network so is it possible?

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Some people have reported success using termux on android. If you figure it out, I think it would make a great guide!


i think that this is despite my abilities. So i think im gonna search for some tutorials and if im not gonna find some ill wait. But thanks for the reply Patrick. I really appreciate your work.

I wonder if this could work on Steam deck… The Steam deck reportedly using Linux as it’s OS. Could be very interesting. I mean, on paper, the Steam deck is a literal handheld PC, if that’s the case.

The SteamDeck is based on Arch Linux which is already supported by the agent. It’s a full PC.

Ah nice. I knew it was based on Linux, but not sure on its build.