Plasmo Voice MOD

Can someone can help me configuring Plasmo Voice mod?
Because if I create new udp custom tunnel and put the port and ip to plasmo voice configuration and when i join the server it says the port isn’t opened

  1. On create a Custom TCP+UDP tunnel. Leave the Local Port field empty.
    This tunnel will be used for both the server and the VC.
    Link it to your agent if it’s already running.

  2. In change the server-port to whichever number was assigned by playit.
    This means that if your address is use the 12345.

  3. You should not have to change anything in Plasmo’s config. It will reuse your servers IP and port number by default.

  4. Connect to the server using provided IP

Can I use the domain from cloudflare? because in srv theres no protocol like tcp+udp there tcp, udp and tls. I tried tls and it work for a while and now it doesnt work

As far as I’m aware you cannot use outside domains on playit.
And when I mentioned TCP+UDP I meant setting Custom playit tunnel with TCP+UDP Port Type.
In srv you need to open TCP port and UDP port individually.