Ping problem when using Play It (route maybe?)

I’m running a Black Mesa server to play coop with a friend, and here’s the issue:

Both me and him get 45ms~ at (we are both from Brazil, so we get routed to Sao Paulo)
But in game he gets 170ms or so.
This problem occurs within any type of game and server I try to host using Play It.
I tried adding "control_address = ‘[2602:fbaf::1]:5523’ " to my .toml file to route it through ipv6, but I don’t think it changed much about the ping.
Is there a way to use ONLY ipv6? I think that would help.
My platform is Windows and I am behind a NAT.
Any tip on what this could be?

170ms seems about right if both of you are getting 45ms to the tunnel server.

       45ms                  45ms               45ms                 45ms
player =====> tunnel server =====> your server =====> tunnel server =====> player

So you basically have 45ms x 4 = 180ms ~= 170ms.

The DNS and playit programs are setup to prefer IPv6 when possible. So if it’s available IPv6 should be being used (we translate between IPv4 and IPv6 where needed).

If you’re on WIFI I’d recommend moving to wired Ethernet if possible. That could lower your ping quite a lot.