Not everyone can connect to my minecraft server

I am not sure if this is a common problem, but only i can connect to my server. If i try to log in from the host machine, it logs in from all two adresses i have set for my server. I can also connect from my laptop which is on local network with both two adresses. My friend can also log in with no issue. But if try to check the server status with mcserverstatus, it cant connect to it. The friends of my friend also cant connect.
Any idea of what is going wrong?

what error is your friend getting?

Nvm he was typing the adress with errors, but most of the time it still shows that the server is not reachable by mcserverstatus. Otherwise it is great, and ping is not that bad (58-65ms). Message me on discord if you are free to diagnose it. bubleman_2#8314