Missing Agent, Can't Delete Tunnel

I have a tunnel connected to no agent somehow, and I want to get rid of it, but every time I open the tunnel I just get an error.

This is also happening to me.

Error: missing agent: {"type":"default","data":{"local_ip":"","local_port":25565}}
    at H (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-WNHZ2A2D.js:1:1209)
    at du (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:6:19466)
    at Ba (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:43659)
    at Ua (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:39459)
    at Vf (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:39390)
    at qr (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:39250)
    at Ii (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:35673)
    at Qo (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:36474)
    at pn (https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:6:3250)
    at https://playit.gg/build/_shared/chunk-NGIKGSHE.js:8:34024
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Sorry for the late response. There’s some funkiness with default agents in the UI. I recently pushed a fix that should resolve this.


This is also happening to me too