Minecraft An Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host - Minecraft

I keep getting an error that says “An Existing Connection was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host” after loading into a Minecraft server for a few seconds. I’ve looked up fixes, but none seem to work. I had it working the other day, but it started doing this all of a sudden. If someone has some suggestions, lmk.

Are you on WIFI? If so try moving to wired Ethernet if possible. You can also try lowering your view-distance in server.properties, try something like 4 or lower to see if that resolves the issue.

The issue could be due to routing. You can visit http://ping.ply.gg to see which datacenter your internet service provider is routing to you. If the ping is really high and the location is far away, share those details here and I can take a look.

I had a feeling it was a wired connection that I needed. Wasn’t until today I could have one. That worked, thanks!

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