Java exceptions triggering frequently when connecting through tunnel

When connecting to my java server (1.18.2), specifically through the tunnel, my friends and I get disconnected a couple times per hour and sometimes more. The error is usually along the lines of internal exception: io.netty.handler.codec.decoderexception: invalid distance too far back or something similar. This does not happen at all when playing locally on the server machine as I do often. Is there a reason this could be happening? The server is running on a machine that has an ethernet connection to my college’s internet, so there is a chance that I’m just having issues there, but I’ve had people connect from different states as well as from on the same network, and nobody ever disconnects at the same time or with the same frequency even when on the same network. It seems unlikely that the network or my pc is throttling the connection because of that. The only things I can find online are old forums from 2015 so I figured I would ask here in case.