Jan 27, MC Server of the week submissions

Server of the week!

Every Friday we’ll announce a server of the week on our Discord! Have a Minecraft Server you’re making public with playit.gg? Share it here.

Announcements will be made on our Discord: playit.gg

A new topic will be opened every week for submissions. This if for Friday Jan 27.

Submission Requirements

  • Your playit.gg tunnel address (.craft.ply.gg or playit custom domain addresses only)
  • What version of Minecraft?
  • A description of your Minecraft server
  • What country or region your server is hosted in
  • Is your server running 24/7? Are you willing to run your server 24/7 for the next week?

Which server will be chosen? I don’t know. I’ll pick one (or maybe more) using arbitrary metrics. Eventually we may have a more defined evaluation process.

MythoSMP 2
IP: range-senegal.craft.playit.gg
Description: A mythological server with lore and a bunch of other cool stuff
Region: Hosted on uruguay, playit on brazil
24/7 may crash sometimes but unless im sleeping i’ll turn it back on
Extra info: unrequested but our discord is MythoSMP + planning to bridge mc and discord soon

Conquerors Smp :crown: :crown:
24/7 Server
Active Owner
USA :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:

1.19.2 btw, simple voice chat support

Due to the late submissions I’ve made this post by instead for Jan 27.

-1.19.2 vanilla (vanilla keeping optimization mods only and a list of reccomended and allowed mods)
-a survival server that is dead atm where me and a couple of friends play on (If this server wins I will add an anticheat against cheats like xray) since there is a diamond economy, the ender dragon has been slain but we can respawn him with crystals
-hosted in Belgium connected to Germany
-the server is not 24/7 on by default since I implemented a system to make it sleep when no one is online, you can currently wake the server from my discord server’s wake channel I can keep the server online just setting up an carpet player