Jan 13 2023, MC Server of the week submissions

Server of the week!

Every Friday we’ll announce a server of the week on our Discord! Have a Minecraft Server you’re making public with playit.gg? Share it here.

Announcements will be made on Discord

A new topic will be opened every week for submissions. This if for Friday Jan 13 (spooky).

Submission Requirements

  • Your playit.gg tunnel address (.craft.ply.gg or playit custom domain addresses only)
  • What version of Minecraft?
  • A description of your Minecraft server
  • What country or region your server is hosted in
  • Is your server running 24/7? Are you willing to run your server 24/7 for the next week?

Which server will be chosen? I don’t know. I’ll pick one (or maybe more) using arbitrary metrics. Eventually we may have a more defined evaluation process.

Conquerors Smp :crown: :crown:
24/7 Server
Active Owner
USA :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:

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Gabrielo Network
Ip: pay-ge.craft.ply.gg
version 1.8-latest 1.9.3

Gabrielo Network - The place to be!
We are are friendly and helpful server community with plenty of things to do you can:
Play Bedwars (currently offline due to bugs)
Play Skywars
Play Tntrun
Play creative
Play survival
And more
Join our server and you can also get a chance to apply for staff!

Server in uk
Server runs all day and evening (not night) 8am-11pm

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Server chosen: Jan 13 2023, MC Server of the Week