Issue with Tunnel having to be Manually Reset

I have a paper minecraft server I’m running off my old laptop, using windows 10. The tunnel that I have has an issue with staying open, it will be fine for hours at a time, and then suddenly kick everyone off the server/make it impossible to reconnect. The only fix I’ve found is to close the tunnel window and reopen it again and that seems to ‘reset’ it. It’s been kind of annoying because if it’s not working, my friends can’t play until I go in and fix it. There’s only been one time it corrected itself on its own, and it took 20 minutes to do so. Just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice or if this is a conflict with 1.20.1 or an issue with playit. I should note that it’s definitely related to the tunnel, as there’s no error messages popping up in my server’s cmd.