First I would like to say props to the developers, I love how simple easy that this is to use. To start, I have a Minecraft server that a rather large amount of friends and I play on. Coming from Ngrok which I used to port forward the server, but it only allows TCP, so we couldn’t use the voice chat mod that we wanted to add. So I added this, at first it was fine. I was running it alongside ngrok to ensure it worked testing out the UDP to ensure it worked, and it did. Great! So I closed ngrok, and began sending out the IP address to my friends. One at a time of course to ensure server stability, well then it wouldn’t let in one person, when login in they fell through the void until it kicked them. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but my computer has 1gbs ethernet, and a rather high-end CPU, and ran the server (with 20 mods) with 10 people perfectly fine before. Is there something I can do to improve performance? Thank you!

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Again, I can’t stress enough how much I am loving this platform so far and once you get in the world it for the most part runs very smoothly. I am just wondering how to improve performance.
(PS, can’t wait to see when the beta releases)

A lot of work is being put to solve these issues in the new version of playit. It’s currently in private beta but I am beginning to open it up. I am going to make announcement in the Discord but in the meantime, please submit your details at https://forms.gle/yo3dmBifS3NCC7yQ8 and I’ll be sure to add you to the private beta once I’m ready.