Is it fine to suggest a game here?

hello i was wondering if its fine to suggest a game here?

Yeah, seems like a fine place to do it.

alright yeah i been wanting to start a server for black ops 3 they use port 27017 udp with ip no domains its got alot of users and no server startups besides vps would be awesome to host with playit also what i mean by no servers is the game has a built in server hoster based on nat type and there no ways to host that are secure or that dont cost to much money.

also forgot it helps ping so people dont get disconnected from the game servers having nat on open.

bo3 is on steam for pc its been active for a while could you please add support for bo3

Yeah I always thought if the dev could add Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, Left 4 Dead 2 or Gmod. It would be so cool.