I'm at a loss - Can't access server since update

Everything was working perfectly over my CGNAT connections until the last two updates. With zero changes, I now cannot access my server at all from the outside. By the way, I subscribe to a dedicated IP, so it’s not a DDNS issue or anything like that.

The 0.9.3 app comes up just fine. It says Authenticated: true, Connection Alive: true, and Tunnels Setup: true. It’s giving me a latency of around 45 ms. But no matter what I try, it’s dead to the outside world.

This was working so great before, now I don’t know what’s wrong.

Is there anything I can share to help me figure this out? I just cancelled my local WISP who was ripping me off at the rate of $80 a month for a 15/3 connection, and now I’m stuck with no access from the outside back into my server.

I figured it out, all is well. I run so many servers I got confused and was running it on the wrong one! LOL