I need help changing data centers

i need help changing data centers

changing datacenters is only Possible if you have IPv6 and if you use Playit version 0.8.1 or above

then you get one of the “control_addresses” from the guide

and put it in your Playit.toml like this (miami data center for example)

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I think this is something very important to have. As I live in the Caribbean and I keep getting connected to Singapore making it unplayable for my friend that lives just two towns away.

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How would i go about finding the control address’s for other datacenters?

there was a list of all the addresses, but this has been removed, because it was outdated.

if you wan’t your datacenter to be changed you need to do this :
(copied from the playit.gg discord)

READ FIRST It can be really difficult to update routing. Routing is something your ISP decides, not us. There are are few things we can try to influence your ISP to route you better, but for many it won't be possible until we buy more IP space.

Send an email to [email protected] with the following data:

  1. Where you’re located (country / city / state)
  2. The text from http://ping.playit.gg/
  3. Which data center you think would be best, visit playit - About Us and see the map
  4. One of your playit.gg tunnel addresses
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is [email protected] the email? thanks for all the help btw