How to stop the playit site from opening upon lunching the tunnel file?

So if the server ip doesn’t change, i don’t need it to open

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The way you worded this is throwing me off. Do you mean as in, “How to stop browser opening after launching the playit program”?

If so, then

  1. Create a new Text document where the playit.exe is located, and name it as “.env”
  2. Open that .env file in Notepad or any text editor.
  3. paste this cmd variable " NO_BROWSER=true "
  4. Save and your browser will not
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Whoops, I missed a part on 4.

“4. Save and your browser will not [open again]”

How do you do this on Linux? I just tried the same steps and it does not seem to work.

In the folder with the playit program you can run

echo "NO_BROWSER=true" >> .env

that will add it to the .env file (or create the file if it doesn’t exist).

However I would recommend trying the new playit beta. That only opens the web browser for initial setup and so far is proving to be way more stable:

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