How to run playit on Android!

For do this, you need a device with Android 7 or highter!

  1. Download and install termux - Termux | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

  2. Now, follow the installation steps to install Ubuntu in termux: GitHub - MFDGaming/ubuntu-in-termux: This is a script by which you can install Ubuntu in your termux application without a rooted device
    Ubuntu in termux is needed because termux itself don’t run some Linux programs.

  3. Once you installed Ubuntu, download the playit version for Raspberry Pi, to check your device architecture, use the command uname -m

  4. Now, we have to move playit to the Ubuntu file system, in my device I can do this in the stock files app, like this:

Playit is probably in Downloads

  • Select the playit file and look for “move to” option

  • Now look for termux on the files tab

  • Now go to “ubuntu-in-termux > ubuntu-fs > home” and tap “move”

  1. At this point, we’re almost done, now let’s see if playit is in the right place! On termux, let’s start Ubuntu, go to /home, make playit a executable file (this is only necessary once) and execute it, using this commands:
cd ubuntu-in-termux
cd /home
ls | grep "playit" # this command shows your playit file
playit="[playit file name]"
chmod +x "$playit" # example: chmod +x playit-aarch64-0.4.6
./"$playit" # (this one runs playit) example: ./playit-aarch64-0.4.6

When you see [email protected]:~# it means that you are using Ubuntu!


This is awesome! Thanks for creating. I need to give this a try.


I also know how to run java servers using termux, like the vanilla, and nukkit (this one is for Minecraft bedrock), but I don’t know if is useful…