How do you actually pair playit-cli to my account?

so i compiled palyit from source i am unable to connect to my account when i try

playit-cli account login-url

it says missing secret
WHAT SECReT? i cant find any secret on my login page how tf do u link the two ? what the hell, i have never seen documentation this incomplete, i would help but i cant manage to get it working

Very top of the README:

We’re working on a new version of the playit agent, playit-cli has been released. The UI terminal version is still a work in process. If you’re looking for the 0.9.3 code see branch v0.9

Use GitHub - playit-cloud/playit-agent at v0.9

The new playit-cli version is mainly used for embedding in other software. Eventually it will provide a base for the playit application most users will use.

yes i managed to find out it out yesterday, didnt knew there was such a huge difference between versin 9.3 and 9.0