How do I make my Minecraft server run 24/7?

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sorry i’m bored, but how do i mak emy minecraft server run 24/7 eveb wehn my pc isof f?

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You would have to pay for hosting if you want to run the minecraft server while not having a computer to run it powered on.

I would look into getting a raspberry pi. They have low electricity costs, are small so that they can be tucked away somewhere, and are a great intro to learning how to navigate a computer through the terminal.

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You can use some old computer or Raspberry PI, or alternativly you can get some VPS server.

Yeah an old but capable pc that you can tuck away somewhere is great. Alternatively, you could use a Minecraft server hosting site such as, or some other cloud service like aws or linode. Personally, I run a relatively capable hp tucked behind my tv in my entertainment center lol. It runs Ubuntu Server 20.04 with pterodactyl to configure and manage my servers.