Hosting Older Fortnite Versions with Playit!

With the discovery and creation of multiple Fortnite gameservers for older versions, Playit was an alternative to Hamachi & Radmin that eased the hosting process. This is the process on how to set it up (was asked to post this)

  1. Download and set up Playit
  2. Make a new custom tunnel
  3. Make the local IP and the port 7777
  4. Leave the other port blank empty
  5. Set the protocol to BOTH
  6. Create the tunnel and bam! You have a static IP that other players can use to join you.

Do we use the address or the IP?

I keep getting “Connection to host not found”, or something like that

You would open the ingame console using a DLL and do open {ip} (without brackets ofc)