GeyserMC/Floodgate Support

Hey there!

I was wondering if anyone knew about possible GeyserMC/Floodgate implementation using I know that it is possible with some server hosting sites, but not sure about this one.
If anyone has any thoughts I’m just curious, I might try to attempt it later but wondering if anyone else has tried this before!

Thanks in advance!

Also is awesome! I’ve had no issues except the occasional downtime of the servers! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

This will be instructions on how to configure Geyser/Floodgate for NOT how to set it up/customize it.

First, go to the Geyser config and in the “bedrock:” section change “address” to the IP of your Java server and change “port” to 19132.

Second, scroll down until you find “remote:” and change the IP and port to the ones for your Java server. (Sidenote: You don’t have to change anything in the floodgate config)

Third, go to and click “Minecraft Bedrock” and when it prompts asking if you can connect to your server with the IP 127.0.01:19132 click “No” if you are using a different IP, but click yes if you are using Then click “Add Tunnel”.
(Sidenote: The default port of “19132” should be kept because that is the port we set in the config earlier)

Finally, give your friends on Bedrock the tunnel address you added for bedrock, and if your server is on they should be able to connect.

Awesome thank you! I will try this out when I have time!

Would I need to change the 19132 port to my bedrock tunnels port? which is 33874