FreeBSD install?

Has anyone sucessfully installed on a FreeBSD computer? I want to use it on MineOS installed as a plugin on TrueNAS.

wondering this too, :d i am gonna try follow the bulding from source guide and let you know

ok so i managed to get it working in freebsd and it was pretty easy its written in rust in the end so first step
donwload the git repo from downloads menu
you can git clone it but i did

  1. $ curl -LO
    then uznip it

  2. $ unzip
    now you need rust binary lets download it

  3. $ curl --proto ‘=https’ --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
    do the default install dont change it
    now run cargo binary, mine was in .cargo path but not ine env varible so i just manualy set path for it

  4. $ /root/.cargo/bin/cargo run --release --bin=playit-cli
    and now u just run the binary, i like to set it to autoart so in truenas edit your jail and set it in exec_poststart after that existit command like this

 /usr/bin/true ; /root/playit-cli

and thats done, when you want to update it you just redo these steps again

but i still have not managed to link my playit-cli with my account