DNS troubles might be behind us

As many of you have probably noticed we’ve been having a good number of DNS issues.

These issues showed up as not being able to connect to the tunnel server in the playit program, or players not able to connect to your server. It turns out we had two DNS issues and both are well on their way to being fixed :100: .

The first was that our DNS server was case sensitive :man_facepalming:. Some DNS resolvers will use capital letters when asking for the IP that corresponds to a domain name. Because our server was case sensitive, it would report that there was no IP address for the domain.

The second issue was our ply.gg domain was categorized as Malware by several security vendors. I’m not sure why this was. I suspect it may have been do to bad actors using our tunnels to make file servers with bad stuff public. We’ve reached out to many of these security vendors and we’re slowly getting everything recategorized under “Gaming” :video_game:!

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now i dont have to do as much support in the discord
but it seems some isps block the ip addresses of playit (or maybe thats just the domain .ply.gg) if thats what you got the control server on

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Yeah, I’ve gotten ply.gg unbanned on 4 major ISPs so far but it might take a week or so before all the changes are propagated. Hopefully this will all be resolved. Thanks for all your help in the discord!