Dedicated IPs: New Prices

Dedicated IPs: New Prices

Grandfathered price change

If the price is going up, you’re locked in with your current price.
If the price is going down, your next bill will have the lower price. (updating manually later today)


If you have an item in your cart locked at the current price you’ll need to remove it and re-add to have the updated price.


North America :arrow_up:
$5.00/month => $6.00/month
same yearly rate of $48.00/year

Europe :arrow_up:
$5.00/month => $6.00/month
same yearly rate of $48.00/year

Asia :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
No change

South America :arrow_down:
$5.00/month => $3.25/month
$48.00/year => $36.00/year

India :arrow_down:
$5.00/month => $3.00/month
$48.00/year => $30.00/year

Why are the prices changing?

Dedicated IPs in North America and Europe keep going out of stock and we have lots of extra IPs in South America and India. Why not convert IPs from South America and India into areas of higher demand? IPs work in blocks of 256. We have 256 IPs in each region and sadly we can’t split that up and move some to a different region (just how the internet works). If we wanted to convert IPs from India to North America we would need to take our IPv4 network for India offline, we’re not doing that. Why not buy more IPs? That’s the idea but it’s expensive. Due to how playit works we need to buy 512 IPs at a time and that costs ~$16,000-$20,000.

Don’t Remove India IPs Asia location has more demand.