Connecting and then disconnecting?

I am attempting to play Novetus, but after I set my tunnel up and try to join, in the console it tells me someone connects (me), and it does in the actual game server too, but before the client can load anything in at all, the server says I disconnected. I don’t think this is a problem with the game, because when I port forward normally it works. Local port matches on Playit and Novetus server setup, and my local IP on playit is the same as on my computer. Am I supposed to use a different IP? I put my computer local IPv4 into Playit, and put whatever playit spits at me into the launcher, but it doesn’t work.

here are a few things you could try:

  • change the servers local Port to the Playit Port (also activate show IP instead of Domains, makes a lot of things easier)
    your random IP playit gave you is like 123.123.123:12345 → then you go to your server config change the port to 12345 (in this case) and also change it on your playit tunnel (so the local port)
  • use a different version of playit, the big difference is between version 0.8.3 and 0.8.1, because 8.3 uses ipv6 on default, normally this shouldnt make a difference, but I’ve already had some problems with that. so if you use 8.3 try 8.1
  • change the Tunnel To-port (try setting it higher by 1 or 2 this is needed for unturned for example)
  • try using direct connect if available, playit is kinda broken with server lists
  • you can also try changing your Tunnels local IP to your Local ipv4 instead of

I have already tried most of these things, and have been doing the last 2 since the beginning. It seems like I’m connecting but not getting any information from the server.

I have around 35 kb sent but almost none received. Ill try to join with another computer to test that.

I have been tryng multiple things but it seems to be a problem with certain users with low bandwith, not sure if that helps but if anyone is willing to help me debug it I am sure we can all fix this quicker.

could also be firewall or low upload speed