Change Server from Tokyo to Singapore?

Is there a way for me to connect to Singapore instead of Tokyo? My home internet connects to Tokyo just fine but it seems my mates in Singapore for some reason (slow ISP) are getting problems and I would like to instead have my Agent connect to Singapore. Is that possible? How does the Agent know where to connect anyway does it check my ping against the servers?

I have same question, i really need change datanceter.
Please tell me how!!

It’s only possible on IPv6 networks at the moment. Each zone requires a dedicated block of IP addresses. IP addresses are quite expensive so we share multiple zones under a single block. Right now we have a block for the following regions, USA, Europe, Asia + South America, and India.

If you’re getting routed to a completely different region, updating your DNS should fix that How to change your DNS server | - support pages. If updating your DNS doesn’t work I may need to do something on my end.

Given that you’re connecting to Tokyo instead of Singapore, that’s not any easy fix. Every once and awhile I try to improve the routing by it’s a bit of a dark art to improve things for everyone.