Change Location

How do I change the tunneling server? It seems it conects to “new-jersey-1” automatically, you have a tutorial somewhere idk about windows network or DNS or something. I changed that, even did the optional last step, but nothing changed.

I know I’ve seen a location in Madrid so you have a server in Spain but is not connecting to it.
My ping is 105 and is unplayable, I once deleted the client and installed the tunnel again and i got 40ms, but the next day it was back to 105ms…

I’ve seen more questions on this topic but on none of them you guys actually answer the question.
for example, I’ve seen this guy India asking you the same question and you say that you don’t have a server there etc.
I’ve seen more on this topic and never explain how to change the location…
Is it not possible?

We currently have 4 different regions US, Europe, South America + Asia, and India. If you’re in one of those and getting routed to a different one, it’s because GeoDNS is not working properly. Updating your DNS to Google should resolve the issue. You can follow this guide:

Make sure you change the DNS for both IPv4 and IPv6. You can check to see what DNS servers your computer is running by opening the comamnd line and running the following

ipconfig /all | findstr "DNS\ Servers"

Please share the output of that command in the topic.