Assetto server it need 3 ports is it possable to make one with playit

need help with asetto server if anyone found out how they did it

Yes, by default playit gives you the 6 TCP and 6 UDP ports. With a custom tunnel you can specify the port count. So if you need 3 ports you can simply specify a port count of 3 when creating the custom tunnel. If you’re not sure if you need TCP or UDP, I’d recommending specifying TCP+UDP (both) for the port type.

not working idk what happing

i did the local ports the same as the port it gives me and it still not working

Here your ports are 9600 and 8081, try the ports playit assigned you: 29928, 29929, 29930

did that still not working

Update your server to use the ports 29928, 29929, 29930 too. Then make sure you can connect locally using those ports.

i did the 1st part already but what do you mean connect locally

nvm i know what you mean i did that and doesn’t work