Add the playit icon to your playit.exe (Windows only)

Don’t like the boring default Windows icon for .exe files? Here’s how to change it to the website icon.

Head on over to (make sure it’s not “”) and press CTRL + U. now on the page that pops up press CTRL + F and search for “favicon.ico”. Click on it, then in the new tab that opens up, save the image. It will be a .ico file.

Now go to your playit.exe file and right click it. If you’re on windows 10, click “Create shortcut”. If you’re on 11, click “Show more options” then click “Create shortcut”. Now right click on the shortcut you just created and click “Properties”. In the window that open up, click “Change icon”, then click “Browse”. Now navigate to the favicon.ico you just downloaded and double-click. Ta-da!

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